Climbing Wall for Kids

The Inca Play playground has many fun attractions which you can climb, however the climbing walls for kids in the funclimb zone have proven to be the most popular amongst our clients.  This is a space full of challenges for those who love an adrenaline rush and sports competition, which also delivers lots of fun and satisfaction.

The funclimb zone has a choice of climbing walls at different levels of expertise. We have also ensured that the walls are suitable for a variety of ages and weights- thanks to which kids can climb with their parents. Many of our climbing walls have been arranged in an original and creative way, hence kids can climb not only rocks, but also tree branches or honeycombs. You can do speed climbing, but also climb at your own pace. Sometimes kids like to race- whoever’s first wins!

Using the funclimb zone is a great alternative to regular P-E lessons which kids don’t always enjoy. Our climbing walls for kids  arouse greater enthusiasm but also, to a larger extent, support the psychophysical development of youngsters. Climbing improves mobility, strengthens muscles and exercises one’s reflexes, on top of that, it teaches responsibility for another person and helps build trust and bonds.  Thanks to climbing, children have the opportunity to work on their coordination skills and physical condition and at the same time, to integrate and make friends.


– Level of difficulty  

The ROLLING STONE obstacle is one of the most difficult obstacles to be found at FUN CLIMB. Overcoming this obstacle requires following a snake’s trail zig-zag route whilst rolling along a ball hidden in the obstacle’s hand hold. Reaching the top of the wall with the ball will prove to be a challenge for every climber. After rolling the ball to the top of the wall, we allow it to roll back down to the bottom for the next climber. An easier version of the climb is possible without rolling the ball. The edges and top rim of the wall are not used when climbing.


– Level of difficulty  

The CRACK obstacle is one of medium difficulty, which introduces a three dimensional climbing formation to the FUN CLIMB zone. The obstacle can be overcome in two ways: the easier method requires climbing facing the crack- the difficult version requires climbing with one’s back to the crack using a palming technique. Smooth 3D panels with handholds within the cracks act as supports for the hands and feet. The edges and top rim of the wall are not used when climbing.


– Level of difficulty  

The SPRINT is an obstacle of medium difficulty for the simultaneous use of two climbers. It is composed of two identical routes and a timing system: 2 start timer buttons, 2 stop timer buttons and 2 illuminated tables displaying the times which each of the climbers achieved in finishing the route. This obstacle introduces an element of direct rivalry into the FUN CLIMB zone. It may be used to run “timed” climbing competitions. The edges and top rim of the wall are not used when climbing.


– Level of difficulty

The BEE HOUSE is an easy obstacle, a great introduction into climbing. It is recommended as a first obstacle, even for children who have never climbed before. Smooth wooden elements- cut into shapes resembling a honeycomb in a bee hive -are used as hand and footholds when climbing. The edges and top rim of the wall are not used when climbing.


– Level of difficulty  

The MONKEY PLAYGROUND is an obstacle of medium difficulty, where the aim is to climb a “tree” using sisal ropes imitating tropical vines and wooden elements which imitate tree trunks and branches. The edges and top rim of the wall are not used when climbing.


– Level of difficulty  

The KITE is an obstacle of medium difficulty, which should be climbed using bow-shaped holds located on the tail of a kite. The tail is composed of 4 climbing structures positioned in the upper part of the obstacle. This obstacle requires a high level of precision when climbing. The edges and top rim of the wall are not used when climbing.


– Level of difficulty  

The Bush obstacle is an easy one, ideally suited to begin one’s climbing experience. The climber makes use of wooden branch-shaped holds which act as hand and footholds. The edges and top rim of the wall are not used when climbing.


– Level of difficulty      

The FUN CLIMB Boulder is an obstacle to be climbed without belay. Falls and jumps are cushioned by a bouldering mat. The obstacle can be traversed using all of the holds placed on the structure, or by climbing vertically on one of the 4 themed routes, inspired by the catalogue of FUN CLIMB obstacles:

  • SEA ANIMALS AND SODA (holds in the shape of marine life and water bubbles)
  • RAINBOW RAIN (holds in the shape of rain drops)
  • BUSH (holds in the shape of branches)
  • DANCING FRUIT (holds in the shape of fruit)

Birthday Parties at the Climbing Wall

A birthday is a special day of the year. Would you like your child to remember it for a long time? In that case, arrange an extraordinary event for them- a birthday party at the climbing wall in our entertainment centre! Such sporty parties for kids always guarantee buckets of fun, emotions and memories!

Our entertainment centre in Warsaw allows you to reserve a birthday room along with access to the Fun Climb zone, that is, a playground full of various climbing walls. You may, without any difficulties, organise a party based on one of the chosen birthday packages aimed at little sports fans and their friends. All you need to do is call us or write to us- together we can decide on all the details and organise the best ever birthday party at the climbing wall. We will not only take care of your child’s needs, but also of yours. Our entertainment centre boasts a cozy bistro in which parents are able to spend a pleasant time in their own company while their children enjoy their party. Authentic Italian pizza, a large choice of delicious snacks, hot tea and coffee and, last but not least, good company await you at our bistro. As far as catering for kids is concerned, we are able to prepare any snacks: whether sweet or savoury, which all kids love, or a healthy, nutritious meal. Maybe you would like to combine both options? Everything is possible!

How to prepare for fun on the climbing wall?

Are you planning to bring your child to the Fun Climb zone at our entertainment centre? That’s great! A lot of great fun awaits you! However, before you embark on this amazing adventure, there are a few things you need to know- it is worth acquainting yourself with these basic issues so that you do not spoil the fun of you first visit to the climbing wall.

Do not worry, preparing oneself for climbing is not difficult and does not require a deep theoretical study of this sport. In fact, you may know nothing at all about it. You will find all you need to know on the spot. Especially for beginner climbers, we have prepared a short instruction course, which allows you to learn the basic climbing and belay techniques- thanks to which, your first encounter with the climbing wall will be easy, enjoyable and what is most important- safe. Your only responsibility will be to come appropriately dressed and to read the regulations of the Fun Climb zone.

Fun on the climbing wall is an activity which guarantees a lot of movement, that is why we recommend our guests wear a comfortable, preferably sports outfit, which will not cramp your moves. A baggy, cotton t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms are sufficient- these kinds of garments will ensure comfort while climbing. Footwear is also important. When visiting a climbing wall, you should bring well-fitting shoes with a flat, non-slip sole. These may be trainers or sneakers. Such shoes provide the best traction, at the same time minimising the possibility of foot abrasions, which in turn will make climbing easier and safer. Otherwise, you need not worry about any other equipment because all necessary equipment (belays) are provided on the spot. All of our guests are equipped with durable and certified climbing accessories.

Before purchasing a ticket and using the climbing wall it is mandatory to submit a signed consent form to the instructor, it is impossible to use the climbing wall without this signed form, tickets in such cases are also non-refundable.

Most important rules concerning Funclimb climbing

details in the regulations

  1. Comfortable sports outfit and light-soled shoes to change into.
  2. Long hair should be combed back into a ponytail.
  3. Lack of medical restrictions for climbing.
  4. age 6, max. weight 140kg
  5. It is forbidden to wear any kind of jewelry, watches, carry telephones or any objects that may fall out of a pocket or hood.
  6. Filled in permission and statement form for climbing, in the case of underaged persons must be signed by an adult.
  7. Absolute following and execution of instructions from an instructor when he/she signals that a given activity may be done.
  8. Only an instructor is allowed to clip a climber into the auto belay system, even if the climber is experienced he/ she is prohibited from doing this on their own.
  9. Absolute prohibition form entering the abseiling area of climbers.
  10. Absolute prohibition of parents coming up to climbing children.
  11. Absolute prohibition of leaving the climbing walls wearing a safety harness.
  12. Absolute prohibition of moving beyond the boundary of a wall, sideways or beyond the boundary of the soft flooring, when clipped into the auto belay system.
  13. The breaking of any of the above rules will result in the stopping of a climbing activity and requesting the perpetrator to leave the zone without the possibility of a refunded ticket.