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Inca Play is a playground for children, created especially to make dreams come true. The wide range of attractions available here ensures entertainment of the highest level, thanks to which kids can explore the fascinating world of adventure, develop their creativity and get new experience in a friendly and safe environment. Additionally, we organise unforgettable birthday parties for little birthday boys and girls- organising birthdays for kids are our specialty.

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Playground in Warsaw- INCA PLAY

The Inca Play playground for kids was founded in 2004 and has been developing ever since. We have been growing in size and perfecting our offer of attractions and catering in order to provide both kids and their parents with unforgettable memories. Currently, Inca Play is the best, most modern and unique playground in Warsaw, full of surprises, challenges and possibilities of spending time actively. Many of the attractions available here will not be found anywhere else in Poland. The unconventionality, which makes Inca Play stand apart from other playgrounds, and wide selection of play options provided by us arouses children’s interest and creativity and inspires them to act and experiment in a natural way- thanks to this, every visit here promises an memorable adventure. Additionally, our designer interior, which is full of natural colours and real plants, puts everyone in a good mood without overstimulating them.

Our playground allows you to have a good time, not only on regular days, but also when celebrating special occasions like birthdays. Our birthday party offer includes various types of personalisation- down to the smallest detail of their setting- allowing you to choose a combination of attractions which the birthday boy or girl and their friends prefer. Organising kid’s birthdays is a huge pleasure for us. We love putting a smile on our guests’ faces, creating magical moments which will forever stay in their memories.

Apart from birthdays for kids, we also organise company events. This is an offer for companies which would like to encourage employee integration by giving them the possibility to spend time with family. We often organise company St Nicolas Day, Children’s Day or Halloween, during which kids can use all of the attractions found in our playground, as well as those provided by neighbouring companies such as TEPfactor, TeamExit escape rooms, ArcadeBee arcade games and Helios cinema. In the meantime, parents can get comfy in our cafe drinking aromatic coffee and eating delicious snacks, which gives them time to relax, or they can join in their kids’ fun- if they feel like letting their hair down. Many of the play structures found in Inca Play, like the slides or climbing walls, have been adapted to adult users, so all of our guests are allowed to use them.

Besides the fact that we offer a number of attractions for guests of all ages, we additionally, within our offer for birthdays, company or other events, organise workshops for kids. These are group activities which connect fun with science- the perfect choice for school trips. Thanks to them, children develop their imagination, enrich their knowledge about the world and obtain new, practical skills, at the same time learning how to be patient, responsible and independent- and all of this in a joyful and carefree atmosphere.

Our playground is also famous for its exceptional catering offer. Włosko i My is a one of a kind cafe which serves not only wonderful craft coffees and freshly squeezed juices, but also delicious and healthy food, including authentic Italian pizza and other Italian inspired dishes and amazing cakes baked by our in-house pastry chefs. Another advantage of our playground is its functional and cozy decor- access to a lot of natural light, live plants, subdued colours and peaceful, relaxing music makes everyone feel good here, giving them the chance to enjoy the moment.

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What sets us apart

Inca Play is continuously changing and improving, perfecting its choice of attractions. We try to meet our customers’ expectations while constantly surprising them with something new, and always providing them with unforgettable impressions. Because of this, all entertainment enthusiasts who visit us can be sure that time spent in Inca Play will be an exceptional experience.

Our playground is beyond doubt one of a kind. We are proud to be able to say that we are a special place on the map of Warsaw.

What sets us apart from other playgrounds in Warsaw and elsewhere is:

Our values


All the structures and toys in the Inca Play playground are certified for safety, the entire space regularly undergoes CKPZ and UDT inspections, and all of the structures are checked by technical inspectors. A lot has changed in the last few months 🙂 we follow all safety guidelines: and these are, amongst others: a limit of client numbers to 70% of total capacity, floors are identical to those in medical facilities, daily disinfection by fogging. For more information, please turn to the following article: Safety at the children’s playground.


We honour discounts carried by the Large Family Card, time spent at Inca Play is family time, and parents can also have fun at the Inca Play playground- because all our attractions are adapted to adult use. During events we also organise attractions and competitions for adults so that parents can participate in the fun. The cafe for children and parents at Inca Play is the perfect place to unwind when your kids still have enough energy to play. Parents can relax in the cafe with a coffee and home made cake. What is of prime importance though, is the fact that they will still be able to keep an eye on kids playing in the main zone’s structure and toddler zone.