Regulations for Ferris Wheel

Found on the premises of the Inca Play playground

Permitted weight per car
max. 300 kg

Attraction suitable for children
over the age of 4

If member of personnel is not present
Please contact reception in order to use the ride

Regulations for using the Ferris Wheel

1.These regulations for using the Ferris Wheel (herein after known as “Regulations”) determine the basic rules for using the the attraction in the form of a spatial construction known as the “Ferris Wheel” found in the Inca Play playground.

2. The entity in charge of maintenance of the “Ferris Wheel” and introducing these Regulations is Magic City Sp. Z o. o. With headquarters in Warsaw, tel: 22-311-75-11 e-mail:

3. The attraction is intended for children over the age of 4. The use of the attraction by children under the age of 4 and other underage persons, is only permitted under the strict supervision of an adult guardian.

4. You are permitted to use the attraction any number of times following the purchase of an entry ticket to the playground.

5. It is prohibited to go on the attraction in the absence of an Inca Play employee.

6. It is prohibited for pregnant women, persons with spine or heart related illnesses, persons with physical and mental disabilities, and other health problems preventing proper seating in the car, as well as persons under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants to use the attraction.

7. The maximum capacity of one car is 4 persons, without prejudice to pt. 11 below.

8. The maximum load bearing capacity of a car is 300kg.

9. The car doors must always remain closed and seat belts be fastened.

10. It is prohibited to enter the ride with objects which may present a risk e.g. scarves, shoals, toys, sharp or hard objects.

11. It is prohibited to enter the ride with food and drink.

12. During the ride it is prohibited to: stand up, unfasten seatbelts, rock the car, hold hands between cars, throw shoes and socks or display any behaviour which will put safety at risk.

13. If a queue to the ride forms, when the ride stops, one must leave the ride and allow others to use it.

14. Persons using the “Ferris Wheel” are required to follow all instructions and commands of Inca Play employees. In case of inappropriate behaviour on part of the ride user, an Inca Play employee may stop the ride and ask such a person to leave, without the possibility of a refund.

15. Only car passengers are allowed to be on the attraction. Other persons must stand outside the entrance gate to the ride.

16. These Regulations are supplemented by: Regulations of the Inca Play playground available on the website and at the “Inca Play” playground information point.

17. Administrative matters not included in these Regulations are decided by the entity responsible for operating the “Inca Play” Playground, defined in pt 2 above.